Brotherhood Breakfast Series 2017/2018

Once again, we have to ask the question:

"Neighbor, how long has it been since you’ve had a Breakfast by the Brotherhood?"
We are excited to announce another great line-up of speakers for our Brotherhood
Breakfast series. Come join us on Sunday mornings at 10:00 am, for the best $5 breakfast in town, to see your friends and learn what is going on from some of the best minds around. 
February 11: It is no secret that Oklahoma has faced incredible budget cuts to education (and across the board) and a shortage of teachers due to low teacher pay, large class sizes and shortened school weeks. It will be our privilege to hear from – and ask questions of – Joy Hofmeister, Oklahoma’s State Superintendent of Schools. With all of the challenges and changes that we are seeing in education, who better to hear from than the State’s top education superintendent.
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March 11: You might remember him as a District Attorney of Muskogee Country, or the Attorney General of the State of Oklahoma. Many of you know him from being inducted into Oklahoma’s Hall of Fame, and many of you know him from Flashpoint on Channel 4. But Mike Turpen’s involvement in education and the community goes much deeper than politics, and his support for our Jewish community over the years has been incredible. Come join us for a fun, insightful and informative morning with Mike Turpen.
April 8: Come join us as David Blatt, Executive Director of the Oklahoma Policy Institute, returns for a third year (it’s now a tradition!) to tell us what is going on at the State Capitol, the issues the State is facing and what can be done to fix some of the problems.
One final note: This is still the best $5 breakfast in town! But we need your help. RSVP’ing helps us keep our food costs down and lets us breakeven. Sometimes, we have several people who don’t RSVP, which we try to guess about so that we never say “no” to anyone. This year, we are keeping our price the same, but walk-ups who do not RSVP will have to pay $10. Sorry, folks, but please signup! We won’t ever turn anyone away, but we need your help! Great talks with friends and great speakers.
And as to the question listed above:
“Well neighbor...that’s too long!”